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Hairstyle discrimination: What you need to know

Over the years, employees have filed complaints alleging their employers violated existing nondiscrimination laws by prohibiting them from wearing certain hairstyles. Courts have generally been split on whether restricting certain hairstyles violates laws prohibiting racial discrimination. In response to these cases, several jurisdictions have passed laws that expressly prohibit hairstyle discrimination. Below is a list of locations where these laws have been enacted along with guidelines for workplace grooming and appearance standards.

Learning from experience: Prevent employee injuries with a thorough incident investigation process

When an employee is injured in the workplace it can negatively affect many aspects of your business. There are the direct costs of workers’ compensation, damage to equipment and product, and lost productivity. There are also much larger indirect costs including time required to hire and train a new employee, reduced employee morale, and potential negative public relations.

Need help building a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy? Look no further.

Embracing diversity is a cornerstone of success, leading us to explore how different opinions, perspectives and points of view shape our business. Recently, we asked you to join us on a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion journey through a valuable Speaker Series (which you can watch here) and are now excited to announce our latest resource: The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Toolkit. This toolkit is designed to provide you guidance for diversity awareness, overlay tools to evaluate your organizational strategy and connect you to trusted resources in order to support advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at your company. Reach out to your HR Business Partner for a copy or to have more in-depth discussions on building a diverse and inclusive culture. 

Develop your leaders quickly – For free!

In an effort to help create these opportunities, ADP® is offering the Compass Leadership Development Tool to you FREE for three months. This tool will help leaders connect with their teams, gain a better understanding of their needs and use those insights to improve their skills, all while producing measurable results.  

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